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FOOTSCRAY WEST HOUSE. Melbourne, Australia, 2013-2015.
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slide show gallery

This Californian bungalow is located on the outskirts of Melbourne's CBD, on Clive Street. The initial brief was to create a contemporary open-plan living area for the home owners, to increase insulation and energy efficiency levels, while retaining the existing footprint of the single-storey house.

Proposed new areas were designed to take advantage northerly aspect and views to the extensive garden beyond. Approximately 2/3 of the original house was demolished and re-built at the rear. All remaining areas were refurbished and lined with new plasterboard and fully insulation throughout, existing single glazed windows were also double-glazed which created vast improvements from before.

The new additions respond to the surrounding landscape by avoiding the removal of a significant magnolia tree that assists in shading the house during warm summer months. This created an opportunity to cantilever out a section of the new roof, to provide shelter from the elements for the deck below. A new floorboard-lined light well slices through the ceiling space, creating a delightful point of interest that defines the open areas below and allows heat built-up over summer, to be expelled via motorised louvres above. A new solar hot water system helps encourage the green initiative and reduce ever-increasing energy bills for several years ahead. 

The renovation works were completed by mid-2015, on-budget and generally exceeding the home owner's expectations and initial brief. The entire process was very satisfying for all those concerned and involved on the project!


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